General Questions

Q: Can I change my TikTok username after creating my account?

A: For security reasons, you cannot change the TikTok account linked to your pearpop account to prevent attempts to impersonate other creators. If you change your username on Tiktok, however, it will automatically update on pearpop.

Q: Can I change my email address after creating my account?

A: You are unable to update your email address after creating your account. You will have to make a new account with a new email.

Questions for pearpros

Q: Can you update my follower count / my follower count says 0.

A: Your pearpros follower count will automatically update upon completing your payment settings and placing your verification code in your TikTok bio. If you have done both and it still displays as zero, contact us.

Q: When I post a collab, are there particular hashtags I need to use?

A: In order to create as authentic an experience as possible, the creator is not required to include any hashtags related to pearpop.

Q: Do I need to accept every request I receive?

A: You can review each and every request you receive and accept or dismiss them at your own discretion.

Questions regarding requests

Q: Will I be refunded if the creator does not accept my request?

A: The creator has 72 hours to accept your request. If the request has not been accepted after 72 hours, the hold will automatically be released back to your account. The process typically takes between 3-5 business days.

Q: Can I edit my request after I have submitted it?

A: All requests are final and cannot be changed after submission.

Q: I paid, where's my collab?

A: Creators review each and every request they get. Due to the sheer volume of requests, not all will be accepted. pearpop tip: try bidding more than their typical rate for a stronger chance!