General Questions

Can I change my TikTok username after creating my account?

For security reasons, to prevent attempts to impersonate other creators, you cannot change the TikTok account linked to your pearpop account. If you change your username on Tiktok, please let us know so we can update and verify it.

Can I change my email address after creating my account?

We can update your email address for you if you notify us that you wish to change it.

My follower count says “zero,” can you update it?

Your follower count will automatically update after you enter your payment settings, add your verification code to your TikTok bio, and receive confirmation that your account has been verified. If you have done this and it still displays as zero, contact us.

When I post a collab, are there particular hashtags I need to use?

No. We want you to be true to yourself. Out of respect for your authenticity, creators are not required to include any hashtags related to pearpop. (Unless you want to, in which case, go for it!)

Do I need to accept every request I receive?

No. You can review each and every request you receive and accept or dismiss them at your own discretion.

I am having issues entering my payment details. What should I do?

You can reach out to us at [email protected] for assistance.

Questions Regarding Requests

Will I be refunded if a creator does not accept my request?

The creator has 72 hours to accept your request. If the request has not been accepted after 72 hours, the hold will automatically be released back to your account. The process typically takes between 3-5 business days.

I paid, where's my collab?

Creators review each and every request they get. Due to the sheer volume of requests, not all will be accepted. pearpop tip: try bidding more than their typical rate for a stronger chance!

Challenge Questions

Do I have to follow a specific creative direction when entering a challenge?

Yes, please. If there is a creative instruction for the challenge, we ask that you follow it as closely as possible in order to make sure your entry is accepted.

Will I be paid up front for entering challenges?

No. You will earn rewards based on how many views your entry gets before the challenge budget is capped.

When will I get my challenge reward?

You can expect to receive your reward about 5-7 business days after the challenge closes.

How will I receive my reward?

You will be paid your reward through Stripe. In order to ensure that you are paid please make sure you enter your payment information correctly on your profile page under “pay” and “get paid”.

How loud should the audio be on my challenge submission?

The audio should be clear and easy to hear over any voice overs. In general, that means audio should be set to at least 50% in your challenge submission. 

I’m getting a message saying I’m not eligible to enter the challenge. What does that mean?

Accounts must have 1000 or more followers in order to enter challenges. In addition, some challenges require you to be over 18 years old in order to enter, as explained in the specific challenge rules.

Can I enter the challenge from multiple TikTok accounts?

Each user is allowed one entry per challenge per payment method. If you have multiple TikTok accounts linked to the same banking or payment method, you may not enter from both. If the accounts are linked to different bank accounts or payment methods, then you are permitted to enter from both.

Can I buy the views on my entry in order to earn rewards?

All entries are required to have authentic and naturally generated views in order to qualify for a reward.