Attention all pearpop members! Join Discord now!

Aug 18, 2021

Attention all pearpop members! Join Discord now!

It will now be our main platform for communicating with you.

If you’re a gamer, you already know about the chat app Discord. But Discord isn’t just for online gamers. In just the last year, there’s been an explosive growth of Discord communities focused on all kinds of other interests, from TV shows and sports, to dating and investing.

If Slack is a corporate conference room, think of Discord more as a tailgate party. In terms of functionality, Slack is quite similar to Discord. Both give users the ability to communicate with one another via text, voice or video through various different chat rooms. But Discord offers lots of other customizable options, so you can make your server look more like your dorm room. And because it’s not mainly used for business purposes it doesn’t have the same stuffy vibe as Slack (no offense, Slack.)

Discord also offers some advanced features that make their servers more like online communities than simple chat rooms, including real-time audio and video conversations, custom emoji, and custom roles that distinguish users.

All of this is why we’re sure that Discord is the perfect app for all of us at pearpop to communicate with you. Discord allows us to have one-on-one conversations as well as to broadcast group messages to all of our members. 

We are confident that Discord will help make our pearpop community even stronger and closer as we continue to grow. 

So don’t delay--download the Discord app now and join our pearpop community!

We look forward to staying in touch! 

 Benefits of Joining PEARPOP X DISCORD:

  • 24/7 communication with pearpop talent team
  • Exclusive channels providing the opportunity to rub shoulders with pearpop's community of creators
  • Advance notice for upcoming challenges before the general public
  • Features and tools for making the most out of pearpop's platform
  • Discussion Boards and classified ads
  • 1-1 guidance to help you find the perfect collaboration
  • Future Webinars and Workshops to attend