September is National Self Improvement Month

Sep 22, 2021

Photo Credit: Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


September is National Self Improvement Month. Here’s how to celebrate it.

We were sitting around the office the other day, wondering how we could improve, and we realized that one thing we could do better was be more aware of trivial facts. Like, for example, the fact that September is National Self Improvement Month. 

First of all, we’re still upset about not being able to wear white pants after Labor Day. Now this?

Yes. This.

But then we thought about it and we realized, Self Improvement Month is a good thing. It reminds us that we all need to get better. It’s an opportunity for us to assess how satisfied we are with ourselves and to take the necessary steps to become who we aspire to be. 

In this sense, self improvement can hardly be relegated to one month. The self improvement industry is big business: in the US alone, people spend upwards of $11 billion every year trying to live their best life. 

Long before TikTok, self improvement was popular television fare: in her 1958 TV show, psychologist and author Dr. Joyce Brothers dished out advice to viewers. She was way ahead of her time. Today, there are more than 5,000 motivational speakers on the road every year. (Some of them are not only improving other people’s lives. Given that they earn as much as $50,000 per appearance, they’re also improving the size of their bank accounts.)

Way back in 1936, Dale Carnegie published "How to Win Friends and Influence People," and it became one of the bestselling books of all time. But it was no outlier. In fact self-help books have only continued to grow in popularity. They now account for 5.7 percent of all books sold each year in the U.S. 

So think of Self Improvement Month as an annual personal health checkup. It’s a chance to be proactive about our mental and physical health. A self-empowering catalyst for us to embrace a growth mindset. After all, we’re the only ones who have power to make the choices that can improve our lives.

Here are four ways to observe Self Improvement Month:

1. MOVE 

You could adopt an exercise routine. New research suggests that even doing micro bouts of exercise can have big benefits. And you don’t need to get superfit to get big results. Even losing 10% of excess weight can pay off with big health dividends. The most important thing isn’t even to do any formal exercise: it’s just good to move. Find some enjoyable ways to add more movement to your daily life and WHAM! You just self-improved.


Don’t feel like breaking a sweat? One of the easiest ways to improve is just to curl up with a good book. It doesn’t need to be a self-help book: just reading makes your life better. Benefits include improved brain connectivity, increased vocabulary and comprehension, greater empathy, and stress reduction. (For those not familiar with books, they’re a fully mobile entertainment platform. Kinda like TikTok but they’re made of paper and you don’t have to charge them.)


This may seem counterintuitive but sometimes when you try to make other people happy, it ends up making you happier. Case in point: people who volunteer are happier. Maybe because they feel that volunteering gives them a sense of purpose. Start by choosing a charity that aligns with your interests and try volunteering for a few hours. Go to an animal shelter: you might just end up rescuing yourself.


We’re here to help you. Not only to monetize your social capital and get paid for being creative. Yes, pearpop does that, but our real mission is something deeper: to empower you to be your best self, and feel really awesome about who you are. We just provide the tools, ways to see and measure your growth, and opportunities to connect with other creators. But the talent is 100% yours. 

Ultimately, self improvement isn't a matter of being more talented than you already are. It’s about using the gifts you already have. And that’s exactly why pearpop is here: to build a community that makes it easier to manifest those dreams and turn your inner visions into reality.