Pearpop releases Challenges to supercharge viral content and empower any creator build a business on TikTok

May 27, 2021

We’re excited to share that pearpop is releasing its newest innovation to support creators, Challenges. The product mobilizes creators to rally around a TikTok post or song and helps spark viral sensations on the platform. This is especially exciting for musicians striving to create popular music, because for the first time it's easy to bring together hundreds or thousands of people around a given song or post on TikTok.

Challenges are the first and only way for any creator to earn on social media -- regardless of the size of their following. With Challenges, creators can take full control of their business by deciding when and how they want to earn, all on their own terms. Creators that have signed up on pearpop simply get notified when a new Challenge has launched, and can then decide if they want to be a part of the movement.

Last month, we quietly launched our first Challenge with DJ Snake to promote his new track, Selfish Love. A massive success, the Challenge sold out in two days. Creators with millions of followers like @iamferv (13.8M followers), @coctyan (3.1M followers), and @itsasmallterworld (2.8M followers) all participated in the Challenge. We saw some participants attract as many as 3.2M views on their videos using the song, causing overall uses of the song skyrocketed from 7,300 to 42,200. This means, while 500 creators were paid for posting, virality and momentum also kick in, causing the number of organic posts to go up as well. Challenges sparks the initial momentum necessary to create a culture-shifting movement.

This week, we're going to be launching our next Challenge with 24KGoldn for his new track, “Company.” We expect creators on the rise to leverage Challenges to get the word out about their latest track, and TikTok creators - from comedians, to dancers, to models - to use Challenges to raise their visibility.

Challenges are just the latest way that we’re getting creative with how people can collaborate on social platforms and empower them to do more with their social capital. Stay tuned for more updates as we launch new products and features every month!