7 Tips to Keep Winning on TikTok

Aug 13, 2021

Photo Credit: Photo by Attentie on Unsplash

7 Tips to Keep Winning on TikTok

Strategies for growth and success

TikTok. You came for the fun, but let’s get real: no matter how well you’re doing, you still want more followers. As brilliant as your content may be, and as many followers as you amass, you will need to be strategic when it comes to continuing to grow your audience. Here are seven keys to doing just that.


If you’re a true artist, you may look down your nose at the idea of being “trendy,” but when it comes to finding success on TikTok, it’s critical that you are aware of what’s trending, and that you can adapt quickly. Sure, you could just do whatever you think is cool, but then you’re operating in a vacuum and totally ignoring the “social” part of social media. The thing about trends on TikTok is they popup quickly and don’t last long. So you’ll need to invest some time every day (at least an hour or two) seeing what’s popping and then finding ways to react in real time. 

Not that being aware of trends doesn’t mean being a copycat. It means you’re creating your work in a specific context, and reflecting that you know what’s popular at the moment. You might make something that comments on a trend, or even pokes fun at it. Being on trend doesn’t mean jumping on a bandwagon. It just means you’re doing something that’s relevant to whatever is popular at the moment.


This piece of advice may seem counter intuitive. After all, if it’s fame you seek, you might think that your goal is to appeal to as many people as possible. But TikTok has become such a vast universe, with over a billion people on the platform, that it’s pretty much impossible to create something everyone will like. So the key is to identify your own tribe and understand what they respond to best. Cultivating a niche audience on TikTok could still mean millions of followers, but it requires finding your lane. Connecting with the right audience begins with finding your family on TikTok, and speaking their language.


Working with brands is a great way to connect with a bigger audience (and aso get paid while you create content). There are many ways to go about this, from something as simple as doing a product review or featuring a product in your video to creating integrated branded content in collaboration with an agency. The key is to make sure whenever you do a brand collaboration, you are still being honest and authentic. Yes, you want to earn money, but you can’t just go for a quick cash-grab and sacrifice your own integrity as a creator. So make sure you only work with brands and products you really believe in.


When it comes to the old argument about quantity over quality, it goes without saying that quality is king. You don’t want to post anything you’re not proud of. At the same time, if you become too precious about everything, and it ends up taking you three weeks to edit a single video, that’s also not good. 

Remember, you’re not making artisanal cheese here, you’re making videos. You’ve got to keep creating and posting, as often as you can. At minimum, you should aim to post several times a week, but ideally at least one or more times a day. Your audience will come to expect consistency and you’ve got to give the people what they want!


 TikTok is a world unto itself, and it’s a big world as we mentioned above. But sometimes in order to grow your audience, you need to go fishing where the fish are. That means sharing your content on other platforms, like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, to help grow your views and increase your power as an influencer. Otherwise, you’re only competing for eyeballs within the TikTok platform. There may be some potential fans of your content who aren’t even on TikTok--remember than with 1 billion people on the platform, that still leaves 6 billion more who are out there, waiting to discover your awesome videos. So go find them wherever they are.


Yes, we said at the beginning, it’s important to be aware of trends, but that doesn’t mean pretending to be someone you’re not. You never know what will go viral, so whenever you are at a creative crossroads, always choose the path of authenticity. People will always respond to something that feels real. Especially in a world with so much content being produced every day, there is something about being genuine that cuts through the noise. Stephen Colbert coined the term “truthiness,” and the more truthiness that comes across in your videos, the better. That could mean being silly, sexy, smart or funny. But at the end of the day, remember your ultimate super power is always just being yourself.


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