Did TikTok Make You Buy It?

Jan 13, 2022

Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Weiss on Unsplash

Did TikTok Make You Buy It?

The app’s explosive growth has made it a must for marketers trying to connect with Gen Z.

Not so many years ago, if an advertiser wanted to reach viewers, television was basically the only place to spend their money. But ever since younger viewers began ditching TV for smaller wifi-enabled screens, brands have realized that social media–and especially TikTok–has to be a part of any marketing plan that wants to reach Gen Z.

Which helps explain why the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has been used in videos that have been viewed more than 7 billion times in the last 12 months alone, with clips featuring everything from clothing to cookies. 

Realizing the opportunity to expand from an entertainment platform to an essential business partner to major retailers, TikTok has been trying to make it easier for both creators and marketers to make money. And it’s working: as TikTok’s popularity continues to surge, brands have begun to think of TikTok as an indispensable advertising platform. In 2021, this growth was exponential. More and more brands have shifted from viewing TikTok as a place to tentatively dip their toes in the water as a testing ground, to seeing the app as a required platform for creating dedicated marketing campaigns. 

For creators, this is great news and represents a big opportunity: in the last year, there’s been a massive increase in brands who want to spend money on those who can go viral. The audience is huge and highly-prized: Gen Z users watch an average of more than 233 TikTok’s a day on TikTok. And it’s not just the size of the audience that makes the platform so enticing for advertisers. It’s also the mood and mindset people tend to be in when they spend time on TikTok. Viewers are often laughing, finding feel-good stories, and in the middle of that entertainment experience, and so they are easily converted to impulse shoppers. Many brands report that they’ve seen spikes in sales that correlate with sponsored TikTok videos.

Which may explain why retailers are increasingly turning to popular TikTok creators to model their clothes or demonstrate their products. And as the middleman, TikTok is making it easier for fans to interact with creators and shop through videos in real time, via the app.

Because fewer millennials and almost no Gen Z viewers are watching TV commercials anymore, TikTok has quickly stepped into the void, providing an effective way for brands to reach highly desirable consumers. And TikTok’s algorithm makes it even more effective than some other social media platforms, because it serves up a steady stream of related content that makes it easy for users to spend hours on Instagram scrolling and discovering new things.

For popular creators who manage to secure lucrative brand deals, of course, the challenge is how to produce what is basically a commercial while still making something that feels authentic to your followers and audience. For now at least, there is no algorithm for that. 

Fortunately, there is pearpop, and we’re always here to help you navigate the ins and outs of securing brand sponsorships. Remember, we’ve always got weekly Challenges to help you turn your creativity into cash, the tools to monitor the growth of your audience, and supercharge your career as a creator.